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Quick and Convenient Oil Changes, Right Here in Gautier, MS at Jason Pilger Hyundai

Now that the time has come for you to schedule an oil change for your new Hyundai or used car, we encourage you to come bring it in to Jason Pilger Hyundai and our on-site service center in Gautier, MS. Our technicians are fully-certified Hyundai mechanics and they are well-trained to deliver quick and convenient oil changes. Let us answer some of the questions customers like you have about oil changes so you will understand the importance of this basic, yet essential, maintenance procedure. Our service center at Jason Pilger Hyundai is on-location at our Gautier, MAS Hyundai dealership and we are less than 45 minutes outside of Gulfport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Oil Changes

What is "Synthetic Oil" and Why is It So Important?

Synthetic oil is a type of oil blend made with petroleum and other additives, in order to both decrease the amount of petroleum used and increase the viscosity of the oil. Synthetic oil was initially developed in 1929 but became more mainstream in the United States during the Energy Crisis of the 1970s. Since that time, synthetic oil is used in almost every modern vehicle, including all new Hyundai cars as this blend does not expire as quickly as conventional oil and functions much better during weather extremes in Ocean Springs. Synthetic oil is also more environmentally friendly, producing less greenhouse gas emissions over the long-term.

There Are So Many Oil Blends, Which Number is Right for Me?

In auto parts stores near you in Mobile, AL, you will typically see a combination of numbers and letters, separated by a hyphen, stamped on all quarts of oil; it may saw something like "5W-30" or "5W-40" This is used to determine the viscosity of the oil, or its general thickness. In order to determine which viscosity is right for you, simply check the "Oil" section of your owner's manual, which will list the correct viscosity number you should purchase when looking for oil.

How Often Does My Hyundai Need an Oil Change?

Typically, your vehicle can go for 7,500 miles before requiring an oil change. Another great benefit to synthetic oils is that they are less wasteful than conventional oils, so you are allotted more time between changes, versus conventional oil filters which must be changed out every 3,000 miles.

Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

Engine oil is one of the most critical components of your new or used Hyundai near Biloxi as it keeps the axles and other parts of the car lubricated and prevents damage which can be incurred from dry axles. While synthetic oils are made to last, they can still break down over time, which is why the oil filter helps to absorb all the harmful sludge this expired oil produces. Over the course of 7,500 miles, the oil will eventually expire, as will the filter, which is where the technicians come in to drain the old oil, replace the filter with a new one, and fill the tank back up again. Without oil changes, the oil in the tank will turn to sludge, which can cause long-term damage to the axles and engine itself.

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If your new or used Hyundai is due for an oil change, schedule a test drive and come see us at Jason Pilger Hyundai at 613 De La Pointe Drive in Gautier, MS. We hope to hear from you soon!


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