Watch Our New Hyundai Models Stand Tall at the Battle of the Brands in Gautier!

It is happening again this year: The Battle of the Brands, here in Gautier, MS. Each year, a number of dealerships including Jason Pilger Hyundai meet in the Singing River Mall parking lot to show off their top new models and offer some excellent deals to customers all throughout Mississippi and Alabama. This year, you will be able to view and ask questions about the top new Hyundai sedans, hatchbacks, and crossover SUVs we have to offer in our Gautier, MS inventory. Before you come down to check out these excellent cars, you can read up about all of our new Hyundai models and where they stand against the competition, through our competitive comparisons. Jason Pilger Hyundai is located just a short drive outside of Biloxi, MS in Gautier.

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As with last year, the Battle of the Brands brings together some of the top automotive dealerships from here in Gautier, MS, so that customers from all over the area; from nearby Gulfport to Mobile, AL; can check out the top models we have to offer in our new inventory. As you will see in our comparisons, our new Hyundai inventory often tends to stand out among the competition, due to their fuel efficiency, affordability, and safety, among other accolades. However, you may still have questions, which is why our sales team will be around to answer all of them thoroughly. Our sales force is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly professionals who want you to feel comfortable in the car you drive, which is why they are willing to lend their keen insight to you in your car shopping experience. Need to know more about the Hyundai Santa Fe and its safety accolades? Our team has you covered. Want to learn more about the available technology in a new Hyundai Elantra? Well, our sales team is there for you as well! If you come to Battle of the Brands and find yourself falling in love with one particular Hyundai model, then you are in luck because the Battle of the Brands competition is a great way to get started financing a new Hyundai model at a rate that fits your needs. We are offering all sorts of new specials towards financing and leasing anew Hyundai so be sure to ask our sales team about these savings when you come to check it out.

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The Battle of the Brands is happening at the beginning of May, so come check it out and see all the wonderful new Honda cars we have for sale and lease at Jason Pilger Hyundai. We are proudly serving Ocean Springs and we look forward to meeting you!