Your commute through Gulfport and Ocean Springs can be a tricky situation for drivers. No matter how safe you are on the road, there can be unforeseen circumstances that could leave you stranded on the side of the road. Fortunately for you, you own a Hyundai and have access to 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

Jason Pilger Hyundai in Gautier understands accidents happen. Your tires can find rogue nails on the highway in Biloxi. You can't avoid every damaging plank of wood in the street. A stray driver can swerve unexpectedly into you on your drive through Mobile. But Hyundai wants to make sure any incident doesn't keep you out of the game for long. Hyundai Roadside Assistance covers you for up to five years and unlimited miles with Hyundai Assurance.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

Hyundai Roadside assistance protects you from a list of potentially dangerous situations. Through the Enhanced Roadside Assistance, with the push of a button from the inside of your Hyundai, you can alert authorities and emergency responders to your situation. So, how does it do that? Through the Blue Link Connected Car System, you push a button on your mirror, and help is on the way. Hyundai will work to get you towed to the nearest Hyundai dealer or participating service provider.

But there is so much more to it than that. Hyundai Roadside Assistance protects you from several situations:

  • When you locked your keys in your car
  • Catch a flat tire on the highway
  • Battery dies during your drive
  • Running out of gas during your trim

You are not just protected in town, either. Anywhere you travel, your Hyundai Roadside Assistance is there for you. A night away from home is covered. Hyundai will reimburse you for unexpected expenses like a hotel, meals, and back-up transportation. You shouldn't have to be stuck with the bill in an already stressful situation.

Don't get stranded on the side of the road, just because circumstances get away from you on the road. Sign up for Hyundai Roadside Assistance at Jason Pilger Hyundai and protect yourself in almost any situation.

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